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BluePepper Technologies Inc. is a global provider of enhanced wireless service applications for the wireless industry. BPT focuses in providing intuitive, best-in-class solutions with rapid implementation that fully integrate to existing infrastructure. more


  Next Generation Value Added Wireless Applications of Tomorrow for all your subscribers Today!

“Forty-eight million workers have jobs that require time away
from the office. The increasing mobility of the U.S. workforce and the availability of wireless devices to link workers with corporate applications will drive demand for wireless services*”. 

*The Insight Research Corp

BluePepper Technologies, Inc. is addressing the changing demands in the wireless market through high ROI value added wireless services being deployed with our mobile carrier partners around the world.

Links to:

MTeam® - Instant Conferencing for business subscribers

*PING® - Instant Conferencing for Young Adults and Teens

SvMS® - Shot Voice Messange Services 

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