With M-Team® wireless operators can provide next generation value added services now!

M-Team® Instant Mobile Conferencing addresses the communications needs of the corporate segment and successfully integrates voice and data network infrastructure while maximizing revenue from your business subscribers, today!

M-Team® Instant Mobile Conferencing connects subscribers with groups of people instantly …no matter the type of network or mobile handset!

Instant Mobile Conferencing is a unique service that boosts ARPU (average revenue per user), reduces customer churn, and increases both voice and SMS usage.

M-Team® Instant Mobile Conferencing allows all your subscribers to connect with everyone: on-network, off-network wireless and landline subscribers no matter the type of wireless network (TDMA, GSM or CDMA) or wireless terminal is used.

All target M-Team® users of Instant Mobile Conferencing services depend on their phone on a daily basis and are socially active. They are the wireless operator ideal target!

M-Team® Instant Mobile Conferencing is the right product at the right time.

Boost revenue. M-Team
® - Instant Mobile Conferencing provides business customers with the capability to instantly connect to groups of 3, 5, 10 or more people. On the fly meetings are easily started with the push of a button.

To address your corporate subscriber’s preference, M-Team® provides two user modalities - IPC & CPC

Initiator Paid Conference Mode - IPC: 
All calls are billed to the subscriber initiating the M-Team® Instant Mobile Conference.

In IPC mode, the conference initiator invokes multiple subscribers by dialing a single abbreviated number, for the desired list of attendees. M-Team® takes care of the rest by calling each subscriber, delivering an invitation message and bringing the called party to the private conference bridge.

Caller Paid Conference Mode - CPC: 
Every subscriber that joins the M-Team® conference pays for their own call.

In CPC mode, the conference initiator invokes multiple subscribers by dialing a single abbreviated number, for the desired list of attendees.

takes care of the rest by sending SMS invitations for guests to join the conference. Additional SMS revenue is generated with CPC mode.

Real Time Conference Recording
Under IPC mode, the conference initiator may choose to record the conference and make it available to the rest of the participants. He or she may choose to instantly distribute the recorded conferences via email upon completion of the call. 

M-Team® attracts high ARPU users
M-Team® is mostly used by business subscribers who post highest wireless MOUs. Another important user group for Instant Mobile Conferencing services is the Young Adult and Teen segment is addressed with the *PING application. 

M-Team reduces customer churn

Subscribers that use “sticky” services like M-Team® and *PING®, are less likely to switch wireless service providers, even where LNP (local number portability) is available. 

Today & Tomorrow
M-Team® is designed to integrate to your existing wireless and data infrastructure, today! 

is being integrated to Symbian®, Brew® and Windows Mobile® wireless operating systems to provide the best user experience on 3G advanced data terminals. BPT partners with industry-leading wireless vendors to provide advanced features and will work with others to take advantage of emerging wireless technologies. 

Marketing and Product Branding 
BluePepper Technologies, in partnership with Steinbranding Worldwide, has created the BPT Marketing Advantage program that provides the technology, the business solution and also the marketing support required for a successful marketing rollout and maintenance of M-Team®.

Off-line marketing pieces including printed media, billboards, calling cards and brochures as well as on-line media including voice prompting, web pages and internet banners are made available for promotion of the M-Team® service to our wireless service provider partners. 

Take action to lead the market!
M-Team® - a next generation enhanced wireless service available today. 

M-Team® - Instant Mobile Conferencing is:

  • Low-risk & high-profit.

  • Targets business subscribers with highest ARPU and MOUs. 

  • Available at $0 CAPEX and $0 OPEX through BPT Capital Advantage.

  • Fastest time to market: less than 30 day implementation.

  • Fastest time to profit: immediate marketing roll out with BPT Marketing Advantage.


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