*SvMS Short Voice Message Service

SvMS gives your subscribers a friendly alternative to cumbersome text messaging

SvMS - Short Voice Message Service addresses the communications needs of the Corporate, Young Adult and Teen segments by successfully integrating voice and data network infrastructure while maximizing revenue from your subscribers.

SvMS allows users to send short voice messages to other subscribers or groups of subscribers. With SvMS from BluePepper Technologies subscribers can:

  • Send multiple voice messages without typing a single word 

  • Reply instantly to SMS messages with your own voice

  • Send voice messages to anyone everywhere

SvMS is a unique service that boosts ARPU (average revenue per user), reduces customer churn, and increases both voice and SMS usage.

Boost revenue. SvMS- Short Voice Message Service provides subscribers the capability to instantly connect to groups of people. On the fly voice messages are delivered with the push of a button.

SvMS is easy to use

To send a Short Voice message, just select a list of contacts or a person to send a message to, record your message and its done!! The BPT platform takes care of the rest. Its that simple!

To reply to a Short Voice Message, simply record your reply and choose the send option. Done!

SvMS is ready to deploy NOW! BPT provides a full turn key solution.

SvMS is: 

  • Low-risk & high-profit 

  • Targets business subscribers with highest ARPU and MOUs

  • Targets Teen and Young Adult subscribers 

  • $0 CAPEX and $0 OPEX through BPT Capital Advantage 

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